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Sgian Dubh & Dirk Centre Campbell Crafts
All Sporrans purchased include a chainstrap, please indicate waist size when ordering

We are now in a position to offer a fresh and yet traditional range of sporrans made by our own established sporran maker. We offer a wide range of cantles to accommodate every taste and are able to supply a variety of furs which have been sourced under the strictest of animal rights guide lines. So you can rest assured that the sporran you are wearing can be worn with great pride.

Our Sporran maker has been established for excess of thirty years and is based in Perthshire. He uses traditional methods which have been handed down for generations. He is able to also refurbish original pieces as well as to produce bespoke items.

In collaboration with our sporran maker, we can work with you the customer to produce a totally original concept. With the silversmith producing the cantle and bells, the metal of your choice and the sporran maker producing the purse. The resultant piece is completely original and could be an heirloom for generations to come throughout your family.