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Sgian Dubh & Dirk Centre Campbell Crafts
Sgian Dubhs and Dirks are made to order by one of Scotland's most skilled craftsmen who previously trained at and worked for Hamilton and Inches, one of the United Kingdoms top jewellers.

Sgian Dubhs and Dirks are all hand crafted and no two items will be identical.

Our top of the range Sgian Dubhs have hand carved ebony handles, and Sterling Silver mounts hallmarked by the Edinburgh assay office. The stones, traditionally a Cairngorm, are not glass imitation but real semi precious stones (smoky quartz). The Scabbard is made of wood covered by real leather.

Our mid range dress Sgian Dubhs have a composite handle, but in all other aspects are identical to our top models. The composite handle produces a slimmer product, which many people prefer.

We have a wonderful range of day wear Sgian Dubhs which have handles made from horn or mahogany.

Due to Legislation regarding the sales of knives, you must be 18yrs of age or over for the purchase of a Sgian Dubh or Dirk.

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